Hundreds join cost of living rally

time:2023-06-01 10:56:16 source:CBS News

People have taken part in a rally in Plymouth to highlight the effects of the rising cost of living on families.

Speakers included Tony Staunton, president of the Plymouth Trades Union Council.

He said: "I am 68 and have 50 years in the trade union movement and it's never been this bad even in the Wilson years or the Thatcher years."

Prime Minister Liz Truss wrote in the Sun that her methods would "involve disruption in the short term".

The rally in Plymouth was attended by hundreds of people.

It began at Guildhall Square followed by a march through the city centre.

It came amid a strike by rail workers which has meant no trains have been running in Devon and Cornwall.

Royal Mail workers are also on picket lines outside delivery and sorting offices, on the second day of their 48-hour strike, in a dispute over pay and conditions.

"We've got major homelessness, people are very scared for their rents and mortgages, inflation is over 12%," said Mr Staunton.

"People are suffering, enough is enough.

"There will be more strike action right through the autumn and the winter."

Ms Truss wrote in the Sun: "I am going to do things differently. It involves difficult decisions and does involve disruption in the short term."

She reiterated her commitment to "get the economy growing", with plans to stimulate growth expected to include measures in eight areas - business regulation, agriculture, housing and planning, immigration, mobile and broadband, financial services, childcare and energy.

And she insisted she would maintain an "iron grip on the national finances".

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