Republic of Ireland set to record warmest year

time:2023-06-01 11:01:20 source:CBS News

Met Éireann has said that 2022 looks set to be the warmest year on record for Ireland.

The Irish weather service data shows that 2022 will also be the 12th consecutive year of above normal temperatures in the country.

The organisation said that 21 years in this century have all been above normal temperatures.

Maximum temperature records were broken in both July and August.

Temperatures hit 33C on 18 July at Phoenix Park in Dublin while 32.1C was recorded at Durrow in County Laois on 13 August.

Nine other weather stations also broke their individual highest temperature records at the same time in July.

"Climate change has changed the odds of getting more frequent, more extreme heat related events," said Keith Lambkin from Met Éireann.

"It is essential that we continue to adapt to ensure infrastructures and planning are best suited to both current and future warming."

The news follows the Met Office announcement this week that the UK will also see its warmest year on record.

Across Europe, record temperatures have been observed this year and the continent also had its warmest year on record.

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