The Charter of the Boston Jedi.

I. Purpose
The purpose of the Boston Jedi is to facilitate the development, practice, and performance of stage combat using lightsaber theatrical props for the enjoyment of Star Wars fans and the general public. Safety is the paramount concern regarding all activities of the Boston Jedi.

II. Representation
(Adapted from 501st Legion's Charter, Article III: Representation.)

The Boston Jedi recognizes that we have no claim to the copyright and intellectual property of Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) or the Walt Disney Corporation. While representing the Boston Jedi, members agree to do so courteously, professionally, and responsibly at all times.

The Boston Jedi is a club based on copyrighted property. Members will follow the Merchandise and Branding restrictions of other LFL-recognized Star Wars fan clubs.

III. No Compensation For Any Activity
1. The Boston Jedi performs as a community service. Boston Jedi performances are forbidden from collecting any money, gifts, or donations. In order to maintain a firewall of never accepting compensation for our activities, unlike LFL-recognized groups, Boston Jedi will not seek donations made in our name.

2. Donations outside of performances are allowed. Active members who have the time and/or money are encouraged (but never required) to assist Full members in achieving LFL-approved membership sattus.

IV. Membership
1. The Boston Jedi are an inclusive organization and actively encourage those of underrepresented demographics in the Star Wars fandom to join. Boston Jedi is an explicitly feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-transphobic space.

2. Anyone is welcome to attend the practice sessions of the Boston Jedi. After completing the Beginners' Training (usually completed in one session), one is considered a Full Member.

3. Full Members who are additionally members in good standing with oneof:
  • 501st Legion - New England Garrison
  • Rebel Legion - Alderaan Base
  • The Dark Empire - Ziost Temple
will additionally be considered as an LFL-Approved Member. Note that this distinction only applies to approved members of the above groups; Cadets of the above groups do not qualify for LFL-approved status.

4. Any Full or LFL-approved member who has attended a practice in the past four weeks shall additionally be considered an Active member.

V. Officers
1. The Boston Jedi has one President, who oversees the organization. They are elected to the position by consensus.

2. The President may appoint additional officers at will to assist them.

VI. Practices and Meetings
1. The President shall make every reasonable effort to hold practices at predictable times and location.

2. Internal business of the Boston Jedi should be discussed and voted upon at regularly-scheduled meetings.

3. The President or their designate will preside over any meetings of the Boston Jedi. They shall seek to govern by consensus. Should consensus not be reached, decisions will be made a majority vote of Active members.

VII. Performances
1. Some performances may be limited to only the LFL-approved members. Other Full members are welcome to attend in a wrangling capacity.

2. The President shall always have sole authority in all details of a performance, up to and including who may or may not perform. Their decision is final.

3. External organizations may impose additional restrictions which prevent either Full or LFL-approved members from performing. The President shall work in good faith to minimize these restrictions.

VIII. Disciplinary Procedures
1. The President has the authority, at any time, to disinvite a person, without warning, from a Boston Jedi practice or performance. The duration of the disinvitation is up to the President's decision; the duration may be permanent. The President's decision is final.

2. The President can be immediately removed from office by a two-thirds vote of Active members at a regularly-scheduled practice, or at a special meeting announced with at least 5 days' notice.

IX. Amendments
1. Amendments may be presented by any Active member, at which point, they will be immediately publicized by the President. This begins the reading period.

2. The reading period shall be no shorter than 10 days.

3. Once the reading period has concluded, amendments may be voted upon. Amendments shall be passed by a two-thirds vote of Active members present at a regularly scheduled practice or at a special meeting announced with at least 5 days' notice. Any amendment not voted upon 30 days after being presented automatically fails.

X. Governance
1. The Boston Jedi shall always abide by applicable local, state, and federal laws.

2. The Boston Jedi shall seek to follow both the spirit and letter of rules as dictated by LFL to other Star Wars fan groups.

  • Proposed 24 June 2016.
  • 13 June 2016: added "Walt Disney Corporation" to intellectual property mention in Article II.
  • Adopted 14 June 2016.
  • 15 Aug 2017: proposed amendment to forbid Boston Jedi from accepting any form of money, gift, or donation. Voted and passed on 31 Aug 2017.
  • 15 Aug 2017: proposed amendment to add "Boston Jedi is an explicitly feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-transphobic space.". Voted and passed on 31 Aug 2017.