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What do we do?

Boston Jedi is a Boston-based lightsaber stagecombat club. We are looking to get Star Wars fans together to create and practice with lightsaber props to create visually engaging stagecombat for audiences, whether that's 3 people in a hallway, a stage in front of a room full of people, or an outing on Boston Common..


In July 2017, we shifted into a community-theatre stance: we now have 5 performances a year that we work towards, with approximately 10 week rehearsal schedules. Beginners are welcome at the first 3 weeks of a rehearsal schedule with the expectation that, if they come regularly to Thursday practices, will be ready to perform in that season's performance.


We start with drills to practice fundamentals. Nothing like constant repetition to build a good foundation!

From there, we split into small groups. In the early weeks of a rehearsal schedule, we're working on developing new choreography - either coming up with a brand new sequence, or extending an older sequence with more material.

In the later weeks, we are focusing on mastery: not just merely memorizing the choreography, but learning it cold. Being able to move fluidly with your partner takes a lot of practice! This is where the earlier drills on fundamentals really pays off. The last 1-2 weeks are dedicated to show run-throughs.

What about Cosplay or RP?

We are not a cosplay group, although some of our members do SW cosplay. Likewise, we are not a roleplaying group, although some of our members do SW RP.
We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm in any way, although we are encouraging our members to create a costume and apply for membership in one of the Lucasfilm-recognized groups: the 501st Legion (as a specific Sith Lord), the Rebel Legion (both specific and generic Jedi), or The Dark Empire (as a generic Sith).

Our Performances

Click the images below to get more detail on our Past and Upcoming performances


January 2018

MIT: Journey to Space Waffle House

October 2017

Arisia: Lightsabers Demo and Workshop

January 2017

Arisia: Lightsaber Combat of the Sword Masters

January 2016


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Core Principles

  1. Saftey
  2. Safety is paramount at Boston Jedi. You are responsible for your own safety and your partner's safety at all times.

  3. Inclusiveness
  4. Boston Jedi welcomes all fans. We will not tolerate any harrassment: reports of harrassment will be promptly investigated, and violators will be disinvited from returning. Our full anti-harassment policy is online.

  5. Sharing
  6. Come to learn, come to teach! Everyone has something to contribute. If you know experience with stage combat, dance (of any form), or any martial art, your knowledge is definitely applicable. Even if your only experience is "I've watched the Star Wars films", that's still valuable, and we'll want your opinion.

    Likewise, no one here is the be-all and end-all master of lightsaber stage combat. Everyone needs to be open to learning from other people.


  • July 2017

    Shifted to a Community Theatre Model

  • July 2016

    Boston Jedi's Charter Adopted

    Boston Jedi's charter was adopted in July 2016. Dave Leung, dcltdw at gmail dot com, is our current President. Boston Jedi is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone; our full anti-harassment policy is online.

  • July 10, 2014

    Boston Jedi founded

    Dave and Meg started the club, practicing in Nathan Park in Somerville, MA. Later, the club moved its practices to MIT in Cambridge.

MIT Students

What is MIT Jedi?

Boston Jedi would like to start an MIT chapter comprised only of MIT undergraduate and graduate students. MIT Jedi would operate independently of Boston Jedi, but the two groups would hold joint practices.

If you are a current or incoming MIT student and are interested, please let Dave Leung know (dcltdw at gmail dot com).

Join Us

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How do I Join Boston Jedi?

Beginners' Nights are held the first 2 weeks of a rehearsal schedule. Our upcoming dates are: Thu, Jan 18, and Jan 25.

If you can make one of those nights, then just show up! Dress comfortably. We have loaner sabers, as we do not expect new members to have their own stunt saber.

There is no committment in coming to a Beginners' Night. Hopefully you'll want to join us for a performance, though! We plan on accommodating all beginners for a performance: you'll be given a small role appropriate for a beginner. You will only need to come to Thursday practices to be ready for the performance.

Boston Jedi is an 18+ group.

How do I find out when Beginners' Nights are?

You can get event reminders and last-minute updates by finding us on Facebook. We're also on Meetup.com.

We hold our practices every Thursday, from 7:00-8:30pm, at MIT Building 34, 1st floor, which is at 50 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA. Spectators are welcome at any of our practices.

I have more questions; is there someone I can email?

Sure, drop a line to Dave Leung, club president, via dcltdw at gmail dot com.

If you're interested in purchasing a saber, Boston Jedi, as an entity, does not recommend any particular saber vendor. However, individual members have written up their suggestions:


Image of two memebers practicing their choreo

We have 5 simple macro sequences. Also available in mini printout size. We use these like scaffolding or muslin: they are very useful for quickly sketching out a draft of a fight. Later on, we may decide to replace parts.

For beginners, the one page PDF reminder is now available.

Non-1v1 choreo

All non-1v1 choreo are named after Star Wars system names. Placeholder names: Coruscant, Dagobah, Endor, Felucia, Geonosis, Hoth, Ilum, Jakku.

Show sequences

We have two variants of our Princess Bride adaptations: single weapons and dual wield vs staff.

Older Choreography

Choreography we are no longer actively using, but we may return to someday and re-use parts of:

Our original 1v1 Choreo PDFs are named after the radio alphabet.

Our main sequence , which is a modified combination of 6 1v1s.


Creative Commons License

Boston Jedi choreography is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.